Election Night Meanderings

Here we are on election day and I am coming out of blogtirement because I had a story to share.

This morning I asked my coworker if she voted (she hadn’t) and after talking for a while she mentioned she wouldn’t know who to vote for because they both suck.

Knowing what she meant I totally agree. Then I told her that […]

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Cooking with Sam

My typical meal used to consist of going to Chipotle or I would eat super simple like an apple. We used to spend a crazy grocery bill and then have more spent on restaurants. In order to pay off our mortgage faster, however, we are trying to stick to a food budget of $200 a week. In contrast, January my […]

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The February Post

Welcome to what has become my, now, monthly blog! Soon to be semi-annual.

I had an interesting experience today. With the aspects of my job I never actually see customers only a few of my coworkers and some vendors that we have close working relationships with. Our office is pretty relaxed so I kick it in shorts and a t-shirt every […]

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Sweet Dreams are Made of These…

Yesterday I played the lottery for the third time in my life.

Early in the morning, my coworker told me that the jackpot had risen to some all-time high and he was thinking that we would buy some tickets and split the winnings. We joked about it for a while then became more and more serious. We would each get ten […]

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There has been an awakening!

Just got back from seeing the midnight showing of Star Wars! No spoilers, just emotions.

It was amazing. First off, it felt like Star Wars but also with the pacing of a modern movie. It was recognizable as a cousin to A New Hope. Certain scenes were a direct homage that didn’t feel like they were trying too hard to be […]

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Unicorns, Rainbows and Star Wars

At work, some co-workers and I did a personality test. This one to be precise: The results showed that I am an INFJ. Reading it I was thinking they nailed it on some things but others it didn’t feel right. My coworker read it and said it was totally me. Another lady in the office had the same profile and […]

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Me and My Lump.

Hey, what’s up? Long time, no blog! Anywho, I had a story that I figured I would write down for future generations or whatnot. Some things to know. First off, I am lucky enough to work super close to my home. Second I leave said home pretty early in the morning. Also, I am an avid reader of graphic novels and […]

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Chokehold Your Destiny Until it Taps Out!

Here is a story. Maybe a parable that you can use in your life.

So as many of you know Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain came out this Tuesday. I mentioned that I preordered the game and on Monday received a tracking code letting me know that it had been shipped.

Many times when you first get a tracking code it […]

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Sam Watson Strikes Back!

Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. It has been a while since I last blogged.

Where do I start? My son and I both celebrated our birthdays, I read a ton of books, went to several Central Market cooking classes. I learned to make pizza, pasta, and croissants, respectively.

I lost some weight and then gained most of it back (with […]

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How Bad Do You Want This Job?

Last Friday I posted a position for a Graphic Designer for our company. My duties as Web Designer/Developer/Graphic Designer/Print Department/IT Support proved ineffective and we had to make a change. First day back in the office and I’m trying to replace half of myself.

What was fascinating to me was being on this side of the interview process.

First off where I […]

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