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Enjoys his family, reading and spending his spare time at Rancho Naturalista in Costa Rica.

Thoughts for a New Year

Last week I asked my boss on a whim, “What is the secret to success?”

The next day he came to me and said there is no success in success, the two worst things for someone is to give up their dream or to realize it. Success is in the journey. defines success as:

obsolete: outcome, result

a: degree or […]

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A Year in Rearview.

So here I am looking back at 2014. I didn’t do any of the things I set out to do. But maybe that is just as well.

I did, however, create almost 50 blog posts, went half of the year without eating wheat and started painting my house. I also changed jobs so was able to cut my interaction with the […]

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Star Wars Hoodie

Okay, I have become the master of mailing it in lately… and this post will be no exception!

I was going to write about absolute truth and how no one around me seems to understand the concept (or maybe I explain it poorly), however, I will talk about Star Wars. Specifically relating to apparel.

I might have mentioned my Star Wars hoodie. […]

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The Opposite of Deli-icious

I like to think I have a lot of gratitude.

If my grandma gets me white socks for Christmas, totally cool with that. If given a book that I didn’t really care to read, it’s the thought that counts.

But recently we have had catering at the office and the one thing I can not stand is Jason’s Deli. I can not […]

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TV Casualty

A year or so ago (maybe 3 years, not much research goes into these blog posts), we made a conscious decision to get rid of the TV’s that were in our house. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV much as a kid but was able to waste most of my teenage years playing video games. So screens are a mixed […]

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The other day our bathroom flooded and it got “stuff” everywhere. One of my coworkers actually cleaned up the water even though he was a high paid executive. It made me think back to a man I worked for who said I would not ask an employee to do something I wouldn’t myself. These guys are both inspiring to me […]

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The Path to Hell is Paved with Unsaid Intentions

Check this out. Two weeks ago my wife and I were at Home Depot. This girl with a clipboard noticed we bought a tube of caulk so naturally thought we should get a FREE in-home estimate from one of their remodelers. While my wife was giving them our information the lady asked when would be a time we would both […]

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Don’t Get Fresh With Me!

Many weeks I start without any idea what I will blog about on Wednesday. This week was no exception. But something fell into my lap so to speak.

By now, most of you have felt winter’s cruel bite. As of late, my office is no exception. To make things worse, our heater was out for part of the building and it […]

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You’ve Got the Touch!

Hey, I hope everyone went out and voted today for a libertarian candidate so we can break the tyrannical two-party system that we have in our country.

Enough of politics! What I came here to talk to you about today was creating affirmations. Basically, no matter how strong-willed you are, you will be influenced by things in your life. The real […]

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Publishing Beats Perfecting

One thing I have learned is that getting something out quicker is usually better than waiting until it is perfect.

Case in point. My current company wanted a website. They had worked with a few companies to get them a site for almost a year without much luck. I mentioned I could get a site going pretty quick and cheap using […]

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