Publishing Beats Perfecting

One thing I have learned is that getting something out quicker is usually better than waiting until it is perfect.

Case in point. My current company wanted a website. They had worked with a few companies to get them a site for almost a year without much luck. I mentioned I could get a site going pretty quick and cheap using […]

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Oh, What a Lady!

The last few weeks I have been hitting it hard at work. First the company website, we set a go-live date and made it. Second, was designing all the Black Friday and Christmas ads for the newspaper and mail inserts. This week I thought I would slow it down and set up a server so we could share files and […]

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Smooth Operator

My wife recently asked me to do a 21-day green smoothie challenge with her. The only rules were drinking 32 ounces of a green smoothie per day so I was in.

Mainly we have made the smoothies at home but, on occasion, we will go to Pure Cafe or Jamba Juice. It is really no big deal to replace a meal […]

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Like a Boss

As a man, there is almost no finer compliment, than one made in front of your wife.

A little back story; I recently asked my boss if I could work in Costa Rica for a while. He said he would sleep on it and the next day said yes.

Life is amazing and I never thought that would be able to happen. […]

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Out of Control!

Okay, I was just three paragraphs into a rant when I realized I could be writing something truly positive and uplifting this week that might inspire whoever should happen across this blog.

I will, however, keep the same title since it is generic enough and fits in a weird way.
“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

This quote has been amazingly […]

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A Moment of Clarity

Last weekend I took what my wife refers to as a “sabbatical”. For us, it’s just a time of being alone and relaxing away from the house.

I booked a hotel close to a bookstore and a movie theater. I spent a lot of time at both and ended up reading a ton of graphic novels and watching 3 movies.

Close to […]

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Sting Operation

Have you ever been somewhere with a crowd you know you shouldn’t be around and later it bites you in the butt?

This happened to me recently.

Last Friday I was mowing my yard, minding my own business. I noticed some wasps near the curb. Usually, they fly out of the way. This time they were out for revenge.

The yard was 75% […]

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One for my Pommes…

Have I written about cider yet?

I just did a search on my blog and it only showed up only once. So begins the tale of my relationship with cider.

Let me tell you a story:

I never liked the taste of beer. I just couldn’t get into it. So in school, I probably always came off as a high roller with my […]

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How to be a Better than Decent Human Being

So in my last post about “How to be a Decent Human Being” many of you thought I didn’t go far enough. Sure I covered things like don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t lie but I received some comments about how I really just ripped off the Ten Commandments.

So here are some additional steps you can take today to be better […]

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A Love Note From Tinseltown

Lately, I have been hitting up the theater a bit more and there have been ad spots promoting short runs of classic films. When I saw one was The Big Lebowski I thought, “Wow I would like to see that again.”

I have a history with this film. I worked at a movie theater when it first came out. Any time […]

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