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Recently, I listened to a podcast of Tim Ferriss interviewing Tony Robbins. In it, Tony mentioned something like “Change your life from one of expectation to appreciation.”

Most of your reality is based on how you perceive it. I’m sure everyone knows about the glass half full or half empty. It’s the same either way but it depends on you to […]

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Date Night/Late Night

My mom offered to watch our son so my wife and I went on a date for the first time in what felt like forever.

We had planned on taking a painting class but when it came to it we needed to unwind and both thought to watch a movie instead. After the movie though I said, “Let’s keep it going!” […]

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Go Forth and Wreak Havoc

Last year around this time I wrote a post about being stuck in a rut. Even though the person I was talking about in that post really was someone else, I remembered feeling the same way. Writing that was as much for me as it was them.

Lately, I have been feeling this so I imagine this is a seasonal thing. […]

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But Honestly…

“Let me be honest with you…”

The worst way to start a sentence. It always irks me to hear this.

What it presupposes is that all previous conversations were a stack of lies.
“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”
― Augustine of Hippo
It is totally okay to say “Let me be […]

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Don’t Stop Believing

Okay, just a few random things this week. You can find the common thread (if any).

First, I have heard from some people around me that are in the dating scene. Every time I hear about their issues I keep thinking “Oh man, they could be having so much fun. If (God forbid) I was ever in that situation again, it […]

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Letting it go

Last week my wife and I watched Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Bruce had come to this country and felt out of place and rejected by American society. We then talked about our own childhood experiences of rejection and how we dealt with them in different ways.

When I was in the first or second grade there was a kid who […]

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A Friends a Friend Who Knows What Being a Friend is.

Last week I attended the going-away-party of one of my closest friends at SUCCESS, Jennifer Chang. I made the hike all the way up to Denton during what became an almost 3-hour lunch break.

It’s a shame that Chang won’t be around anymore.

But it was great seeing the old crew again. However, when the inevitable goodbyes came, there was the inescapable, […]

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My Not So Secret Love For Snake

If you aren’t into video games… well, it’s about to get nerdy. Let me tell you about something near and dear to my heart.

When I was a kid my grandma bought me a box of comics. One of the ads was for a video game that was unlike any other I had ever seen. I was used to Mario where […]

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Son of a Preacher Man

My mom always likes to tell people about how, when I was in third grade, I asked her what the meaning of life was. She seemed so proud that her boy was thinking such deep philosophical thoughts at such a tender age.

Last week, my 3-year-old son and I were at the kitchen table and he asked me “Why are we […]

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Allow Me to Regale You with a Tale

Ah… Dear Reader, so we meet again.

Today I bring you a harrowing tale of tragic tribulations. Beware reading further. If you have a heart condition or faint easily it might be better for you to scroll through MLM ads on Facebook.

Still there? You do dabble in danger and delight in difficulty! Very well, without further ado, allow me to regale […]

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