Costa Rica Growth

Chew on this

Yesterday I got back from visiting my family in Costa Rica. My mom and I were going to go together last year, but the trip was canceled when everything was locked down due to COVID.

When she told me she bought a plane ticket, I figured I would go before we get locked down again.

It was a fun trip that I hope to post more about later. We went horseback riding, and walked up and down the mountain, enjoyed all my grandma’s cooking, did some reading, and made a badass Google Sheet for Rancho Naturalista, the family business.

But what I wanted to talk about most, was a lesson we could all learn from my grandpa.


Enter the Market

Shortly after paying off my house my boss looked at me with what I thought of as newfound respect. Then he told me I should be dumping money into stocks specifically Facebook.

This was in 2015.

Growth Positivity

The Grudge

Recently my brother stayed at my house for a few months. He is an early riser like me, so we took to walking around the neighborhood in the wee hours before the sun rose.

On our journeys, we would discuss many things, but one thing that really resonated with me was the theme of resentment. My brother’s life might seem a little out of control at times, but the one thing I think he has totally nailed is his ability to forgive and let go.

Growth Positivity

No Ragrets

If I had any advice to give someone, at any age, it would be to follow your dreams. Life is too short not to.

But the second, which really is the rubber-meets-the-road, actionable, support system to the first is that everything in life is negotiable. “You don’t get if you don’t ask” has been a philosophy that has opened amazing doors for me.


But Honestly…

“Let me be honest with you…”

The worst way to start a sentence. It always irks me to hear this.

What it presupposes is that all previous conversations were a stack of lies.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

Augustine of Hippo

It is totally okay to say “Let me be completely transparent with you.” Depending on the relationship of the two parties conversing or perhaps in consideration of someone else’s time you might only give a snippet of the full story. Totally understandable.